Murrin Associates delivers ‘Finance for Engineers’ course for the Institution of Civil Engineers

ICE Training is the training arm of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

It provides technical and business training to civil engineers, project managers and construction professionals at the major consultants and contractors.

It started working with Murrin Associates in 2010, commissioning the design of several new business skills courses.

One of the bespoke courses designed and delivered by Murrin Associates for ICE Training is “Finance for Engineers”.

Civil engineers, project managers and other multi-disciplinary professionals with a technical background increasingly need to be aware of business and financial issues and be at ease communicating in financial terms.

This course helps them to understand a client’s business, the financial context for engineering decisions, and how capital projects are evaluated from a financial standpoint.

The objective is also for engineers to be comfortable with financial statements and be able to make a well argued business case to senior management.